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Established in 2018 right at the heart of Cambodia; Phnom Penh city

Started with Agent Management for a local wallet player managing  over 10,000 agents across Cambodia with over 200 employees

Moved into Merchant Recruitment for QR pay for banks and e-wallet  players in the industry and have recruited over 25,000 QR pay merchants

In 2021, we ventured into Loyalty System and Program Management for Loyalty, building a full-fledged loyalty system and providing Loyalty  Program Management services to local corporates and FIs

In 2022, we will continue to do Agent Management for a notable domestic remittance and wallet player  with over 6,000 agents across Cambodia

In 2023, we have continued to increase our presence in the KHQR merchant recruitment with banks and included new services for visa/master POS terminal merchant recruitment. We have also added the services of IT sales and solutions business in our suite of services which include app and web development and some system and software solutions for various industries.


Offer 360 fully customized solutions to sales and distribution to cater to businesses of all kinds, naming us a full-fledged Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company in Cambodia.

Have expert knowledge in B2B2C businesses; experienced management team in the field of Sales and Distributions, Agent Management, Merchant Recruitment and Acquiring, Loyalty programs, as well as software solutions including web and app development.

Managed a strong network of more than 40,000 SME customer base

Have over 100 experienced sales professionals and a rapidly growing

Have Distribution Points in Phnom Penh city and across 24 provinces

About Us


Who are we

Our Vision

We aim to be the largest Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)  and managed services company with the widest reach and network throughout Cambodia. We aim to connect businesses with customers and communities to enhance and enrich lives.


Our Mission

To provide our clients with the best possible solutions to their business problems through managed services and business support services via a team of experience sales force, robust technology platforms, innovation, excellent program management, and effective implementation, resulting in lower cost structures and higher productivity.

Our Core Values


We believe that integrity is the foundation of trust therefore, our primary goal is to be transparent and clear when working with our customers and partners.


Speed -We executive with speed and precision; we go to market with proper knowledge and experience, backed by data, leap into action, making us the leader in the market.  


The goal-oriented approach helps us accomplish challenging takes and form the shape of business where we focus on the end result of the roles we undertake.


We respect our staff, clientele, customer, the industry and the community we operate in to flourish and grow in everything we do


We work closely with our partners, clients, stakeholders, customers, and communities to foster better relationships and teamwork, thus creating a win-win environment for all parties. We believe in giving back to the community we operate in a sustainable and responsible manner, thus providing support for the wellbeing and development of the community.


We strive for excellence in everything we do and ensure the quality of delivery of our services, e.g taking pride in what we take on and make possible. We are passionate about people and processes while promising service excellence.


Massive Distributions (MD) is a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company focusing on sales services of distribution networks to support local companies, financial institutions, and e-wallet players in the sales and management of their products and services.


We play an essential role in the recruitment and management of merchants for offline QR Pay, extending into other business activities like recruitment and onboarding of the merchants, enabling the payment terminals, and training the merchants on the usage of either QR code or e-wallet access across the network Cambodia.

MD has the reach and many distribution points for goods and services. Having a team of professionals that has extensive exposure in different areas of technology evolution, business methodology and experiences in markets such as Singapore, Thailand,  Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, China, India, etc., has helped MD to provide the appropriate solutions to be implemented in Cambodia ensuring the best results.


MD also provides and manages end-to-end loyalty programs with best-in-class algorithms emulating a world-class, award-winning loyalty system for member registration, points management, points issuance and redemption, and program management.


We pride ourselves in designing the best solutions for businesses while ensuring the optimum cost structure and highest productivity level and creating a “New Era of Digital Payment” through collaborative digital efforts with financial institutions and e-wallet players.


We have recently added in the services of IT sales and solutions business to our suite of services, which include app and web development and system and software solutions for various industries.

Who we are

and what we do

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