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We are a managed services company with reach, a large number of distribution points, and a wide network for services, and distribution activities, including sales, marketing services, promotional activities, business outsourcing services, build and operating models, build, operate and transfer models as well as service rendering. In addition, MD is also involved in managing end-to-end loyalty programs consisting of providing a state-of-the-art all-encompassing loyalty system for multiple industries, membership recruitment, points management, points issuance and redemption as well as merchant recruitment and program management.

Distribution and Agent


With our vast experience in Distribution Management of goods and services, coupled with an extensive distribution points and network, supported by over 40,000 agents and merchants will help you grow aggressively across Cambodia

Loyalty System and

Program Management

We provide end to end Loyalty Management system, Program Management, as well as full fledge redemption program and fulfillment for the redemption items to our clients customers across Cambodia.

Digital Marketing Services

We help SMEs on digital marketing services from social media set up, posting, boosting and creative work as well as help them grow customer acquisition and usage through digital channels and social media. We are also able to deliver and execute a full fledge marketing agency work doing large scale branding, creative, marketing work end to end with our international strategic marketing agency partner


Recruitment & Management

We help bank and e-wallets recruit merchants /agents, maintain and manage them as well as support them. We manage agents across the country well as we have the experience and network, team and distribution points across the country. 

Sales of IT Products and Services

We are also a reseller for several system such as condo management system, IPfication, Cloud server services, Sales management and attendance system, Property sales and leasing system, collection system, HRMS as sell our own proprietary systems such as Asset tracking system, Warehouse management system and white label loyalty and redemption solution.

IT Solution

we develop web and app solution for SME and mid size corporate including payment gateway and integration with a team of our full stack developers for both front end and back end. 

E-commerce Platform

We have our very own e-commerce platform to sell daily and household products covering international and local products nationwide in Cambodia.  



- Sales and Agent/ Dealer Management and Distribution of Services

- Managed Services

- Product and Services Sales for financial institutions and


- Product Usage and Customer Engagement Initiatives



- End-to-end Loyalty System, which includes points bank, accrual, and redemption, as well as member sign up

- Program Management which includes strategic planning and working closely alongside principal teams

- Scoping and Focus Group for rules and parameters set up

- Marketing Services relating to Loyalty


- Merchant and Agent  Recruitment for financial  institutions such as banks and e-wallets on digitizing payments via QR Pay

-  Merchant and Agent Onboarding, Management, Training, Maintenance, Campaigns, Engagement and Communication

- QR Code or Terminal Deployments and Management

Call Center


-  Inbound Calls - Customer Services and Careline, Product Enquiries and Helpdesk Support

- Outbound Calls - Lead Generation, Tele - Sales Market Research, Loan and Card Collections and other Services Calls

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